Our Different Lens Types Explained

Every piece of Otis eyewear uses mineral glass lenses. They’re environmentally friendly, scratch resistant and offer perfect visual clarity.

But inside the mineral glass lens family there are a few different finishes. The key options are Standard, Polarised, Reflect and L.I.T.

So, what’s the difference between them? We break it down here

Standard vs Polarised vs Reflect vs L.I.T. Lenses

In short:

OTIS STANDARD LENSES are a great general-purpose option that offers 100% protection against harmful UV rays and a high level of protection from sun glare.

OTIS POLARISED LENSES are especially good for surfers, fisherman, hikers, and those who live an active, outdoor lifestyle. They neutralize glare that bounces into your eyes from surfaces like snow, the ocean and more. 

OTIS REFLECT LENSES are great for people wanting to reduce glare even further than regular lenses. They have a mirrored finish that reflects light back out, instead of absorbing it. Available in both polar and non-polar options.

OTIS L.I.T. LENSES these are like polarised lenses on steroids. They not only significantly reduce surface glare, but also lift the colour profile of your surroundings to make your vision more vivid and precise. Great for those who want the best lenses money can buy.

For a deeper look at the benefits of each lens and how they’re made, keep reading...  


OTIS standard lenses are all made from mineral glass that is scratch-resistant, environmentally friendly and distortion free. They have a fixed tinting that won’t peel or fade over time and block 100% of harmful UVA, UVB and HEV light, providing superior protection from solar damage, while maintaining true colour and depth perception.

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Our Precision Polarised lens technology is at the forefront of premium polarisation in

sunglasses. We use a tri-layered lens featuring a Japanese anti-glare filter sandwiched between two extremely lightweight mineral glass wafers. This lens eliminates surface glare while improving visual sharpness and contrast compared to polycarbonate (plastic) lenses. All OTIS Precision Polarised lenses are thermally hardened for impact resistance and pass rigorous testing and quality control requirements.

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OTIS REFLECT is our mirrored lens technology which reflects light instead of absorbing it. These lenses reduce the amount of light being passed through the lens, which makes them especially good for a wide variety of outdoor conditions. They offer 100% UVA and UVB protection.

OTIS Reflect lenses have a double-hardened hydrophobic coating making them highly durable and resistant to everyday wear & tear, scratches or abrasions. They are finished with a unique Oleophobic coating which reduces finger print marks and further protects the lens from everyday abrasions. They have optimal optical clarity, are distortion free and are more light reflecting than normal tinted sunglasses. While these lenses are highly durable and scratch resistant, they are not scratch proof.


L.I.T. is our precision polar mineral glass experience taken to entirely new heights, designed for outdoor enthusiasts and those chasing life’s most vivid visions. OTIS “Light Improvement Technology” offers clarity through colour-enhancement, lifting primary colours in your surroundings while blocking out dull inter-primary shades to enhance your visual experience. Think of it like the perfect Insta filter for your eyeballs.

Colour Enhancement

The L.I.T. Lens provides a superior combination of visual acuity, illuminated contrast and improved depth perception. By increasing primary colours and reducing inter-primary colours, the L.I.T. Lens:

  • Makes objects and terrain in field of view more distinguishable

  • Provides sharper, crisper images in greater detail and depth

  • Delivers more vivid and saturated colour, creating a superior visual experience

Anti Reflective

Unique multi-layer anti-reflective technology within the L.I.T. Lens reduces an industry-leading 99.9% of light reflection that typically bounces off the internal surface of a sunglass lens. Anti-reflective technology blocks reflected light on the internal surface of a lens, improving colour definition and depth perception while reducing eye fatigue.

Hydrophobic Technology

The L.I.T. Lens carries a unique hydrophobic treatment that was specifically designed and chemically bonded to OTIS mineral glass lenses. The L.I.T. Lens hydrophobic technology provides superior protection and creates a broader range of use during outdoor sports and bad weather.

Polarised – Glare Elimination

The L.I.T. Lens uses exclusively Japanese polarisation filters within OTIS renowned mineral glass lenses. The L.I.T. Lens is finished with polycarbonate seam edging to prevent peeling and provides superior integrity in the world’s most durable scratch-resistant lens. L.I.T. lens tech cuts 100% of harmful UVA and UVB light, as well as providing protection from high energy light to a world-leading 430nm compared to industry standard 400nm.

UV and HEV Protection – Eye Health

The UV and HEV technology in OTIS L.I.T. Lenses provides superior protection from intraocular melanoma, AMD (age-related macular degeneration) and eye fatigue while maintaining true colour and depth perception.

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