Learn How Our Mineral Glass Lenses Are Made

Mineral glass; we love everything about it. From it's scratch resistance to it's distortion-free qualities, there is just no lens material that compares. Not to mention it's sourced from sand and soda ash, so it's endlessly recyclable and environmentally-friendly. Since OTIS was founded in 2000 we've used nothing but naturally sourced mineral glass in 100% of our eyewear. No plastic, just glass. It's no secret that plastic is hurting the environment. There is just too much of it out there doing harm to our planet. 
Curious as to what actually goes into making mineral glass lenses? Let big wave surfing legend and global environmentalist Greg Long break it down, from sourcing the materials to refining the glass pucks before frame installation. 
We stand behind mineral glass; do it for your eyes and for the environment. 

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