We only make premium eyewear from Naturally Sourced, Eco-Friendly, Distortion-Free and Scratch Resistant Mineral Glass Lenses.


Our Summer of 67 frame pays homage to the timeless designs of the 60's. Its rounded edges and wearable size make it a go-to classic anywhere the sun is shining.

We use mineral glass lenses in all of our sunglasses because it's more scratch resistant, optically correct and sustainable than the plastic lens alternatives that go in most other eyewear.

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The Best Scratch-Resistant Sunglasses in Australia

OTIS sunglasses are 12x more scratch resistant than regular plastic options. All of our lenses are made from 100% thermally-hardened mineral glass - widely regarded as the best sunglasses lens material on the planet. Just watch this scratch test to see the difference. 

Mineral glass is also endlessly recyclable and non-toxic, making it a superior choice for the environment as well. Add in our EcoAcetate frame options, which are certified biodegradable at their end of life, and you have high-quality sunglasses that bridge the gap between style, durability, sustainability and technical excellence. 

Born on the rugged coast of Western Australia, sunshine and salt is part of OTIS Eyewear’s DNA. We exist to create style with substance that stands up to the elements, enabling you to get outside, do more, see more and live an eclectic lifestyle. 

That means we only make premium, high-quality glass lens sunglasses. 

OTIS Eyewear. Reframe the future. 

How Do You Make Mineral Glass Lens Sunglasses?

All OTIS Sunglasses start with being designed by the team here in our head office in Western Australia. While we’re locally minded, we’re also globally inspired by the latest fashion trends, advancements in sustainability, and discoveries in materials like handmade acetate. We then source mineral glass sunglasses lenses, created using natural materials like sand and soda ash. Once the glass is made, it’s thermally hardened to enhance its already incredible natural scratch resistance and durability. Finally, those glass sunglasses lenses are hand ground, polished and precision tested for clarity control, making them 100% optically correct. 

At OTIS, all of our high-quality sunglasses use mineral glass at their core. Every regular, polarised, and L.I.T lens (which enhances contrast for more vibrant vision), make better scratch-resistant sunglasses. 

Over the years, we’ve also partnered with brand ambassadors like, iconic skateboarder Jamie Thomas, activist Greg Long, and surf gypsy Imogen Caldwell – each providing their own signature style to our scratch-resistant sunglasses line-up.

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It’s never been easier to shop for scratch-resistant sunglasses in Australia. Our handy fit guide helps you pick the best styles for your face shape, there’s FREE SHIPPING for all Australian sunglasses orders, and there’s the convenience of Afterpay. 

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