Women's Sunglasses


      Fashion meets function: Sunglasses for Women

      At the beach, traveling the world, out on the town - OTIS women’s sunglasses are made to help you transition through the many modes of life. Founded in 2000 on the sun-drenched coast of Western Australia, our goal is to bridge the gap between fashion, sustainability and technical excellence in eyewear. 

      Every one of our designs is made with 100% recyclable, non-toxic, scratch-resistant mineral glass lenses. We then frame things in the latest looks using materials like handmade EcoAcetate or light and strong EcoGrilamid.  

      Our most popular sunglasses for women include the Imogen Caldwell Collection - inspired by our favourite Australian surf gypsy and model. You can also explore our active options for those you like to get out and tackle the world, while looking and feeling good. 

      Each pair of OTIS women’s sunglasses is handmade and individually checked to make sure they’re of the highest quality. We use mineral glass in all our lenses as it’s natural, durable and much more scratch-resistant. 

      To find out which frames best suit you, check out our frame selection guide here.

      Mineral Glass Lens Women’s Sunglasses

      Glass is beautiful. 

      For centuries it has helped change our view of the world. It refracts rainbows, reflects beauty, and refocuses the important things. People have crafted glass for millennia using base elements like sand. Artists shaped divine windows with it. Ancient royalty used it in drinking vessels and jewelry. Then, the first prescription glasses improved sight to better see that wonder. 

      Lens artesans have honed their craft over lifetimes of dedication. Our women’s sunglasses today stand on those centuries of heritage. We only use 100% mineral glass in all of our designs. The quality and clarity of OTIS eyewear is the result of constantly evolving techniques.

      Because glass is of the earth, it’s also better for the earth. Made from soda ash and sand, our lenses are 100% recyclable and non-toxic to humans and animals alike. It helps us keep our planet clean and lets us see it more clearly at the same time.

      So look around. See the beauty of glass. It’s everywhere. It’s of nature. And it’s in every pair of OTIS sunglasses for women. 

      FREE Delivery For Women’s Sunglasses in Australia

      It’s never been easier to add to your collection of women’s sunglasses. With the buy-now, pay-later convenience of Afterpay, and FREE shipping on all Australian orders, everything is delivered to your door. It’s all supported by our world-leading Lifetime Warranty against poor workmanship at defects too.

      Need further tips or advice? To find out more about our collection, hit us up at cs_otis@leisurecollective.com.au or give us a call on (08) 9756 7311.

      If you’d like to try on some OTIS sunglasses for women in person, check out our retailer locator to find your closest stockist.