Why Winter Sunglasses Are Still A Must

When winter rolls around, it’s easy to forget about your sunglasses. But for those who love outdoor adventures like the snow, fishing, and surfing, keeping your sunnies on hand is just as important in the colder months. In Australia especially, the sun still shines a whole lot between June and August! Here's some insight into why winter sunglasses are still a must.

UV Light Still Shines in Winter

One of the biggest misconceptions about winter is that UV protection isn’t as necessary. However, UV rays are present all year round. If you’re in the snow, the sun can be especially harmful as it reflects off the piste for extra glare. Plenty of snowboarders and skiers have kicked themselves for leaving their sunnies behind. It’s not just on the mountain either. Even after rain when the sun comes out, you’ll experience plenty of glare from puddles and ‘road shine’ while driving. 

Think Fishing & Surf Checks For Winter Sunglasses

Fishing and surfing are just as fun in winter as in summer. For those near the water, polarised sunglasses not only protect your eyes but also enhance your vision by reducing glare and improving contrast. Easier to spot fish, less eye strain when driving the coast. So much better to keep your focus without squinting. 

Choosing the Right Sunglasses In Winter

Mostly your regular sunglasses will do the trick in winter without any hassle. However, brown or green lenses will be better than grey lenses when it’s cloudy. Even when the sun comes out, they’ll adapt easier and offer better contrast in a range of conditions. The other thing to think about is anti-fogging and lenses that will stand up across multiple seasons. All of OTIS lenses are made from mineral glass that is 12x more scratch resistant to regular options. For those who want even more performance, our LIT Lens has an oleophobic coating to combat lens smudges and fogging. The extra contrast of these lenses also lifts your visual experience in a fuller range of light conditions. An incredible option for winter sunglasses. 

To check out the range of Otis sunglasses you can wear in winter, head here. Use the handy filter options on the left, if you’d prefer to look at just a certain type of lens too.