SPIRIT with Jay Davies

It’s been a wild few years for most of us. COVID-19 threw the world for a loop. Jay Davies was no exception. While he thankfully managed to stay healthy, Jay’s main sponsorship contract was cancelled, leaving him with no option but to scratch for work wherever he could get it. For someone who’s been a pro surfer since he was a teenager, that massive change, along with an inability to travel, meant his main passion had to be put on the backburner. 




After time doing the hard yards, he’s finally found a good balance working and making the most of his breaks between to get out in nature and do the things he loves, for the pure love of it.


“I’ve just really been enjoying the time to hang with family and fish and surf again, and just really focus on my downtime,” says Jay. “It’s been a big change the last couple of years. I’ve been working a lot. I’ve always wanted to continue my passion of surfing. It’s been a bit of a challenge without having a schedule or anything, but now I’ve landed a good job and we’ve got a beautiful little home that we’re living in. Only five minutes down the road is a boat ramp where I can go fishing and chase some waves because we live right on the coast here. We’re finally feeling comfortable and living freely.”

Jay’s new SPIRIT Collection of eyewear is inspired by that free living. Connecting with the sun, sea and earth, looking to the important things in life. The colours are drawn from his home of Western Australia, crafted with biodegradable EcoAcetate frames and polarised mineral glass lenses. A way to reframe and refocus on what matters.

To check out the full OTIS x Jay Davies SPIRIT Collection, head here. 

Or, to follow Jay’s latest adventures (between work), hit his Instagram here.