Introducing the new OTIS x Imogen Caldwell collection

Our Imogen Caldwell Collections have been some of the most popular fashion releases we’ve ever done at OTIS. Created with inspiration and feedback from our favourite surf-gyspy, model and mum, the releases push the edge of fashion, colour, and sustainable materials to bring something special to your eyes. 

This latest Imogen Caldwell x OTIS drop pays homage to 3 iconic decades of style - the 70s, 80s and 90s. The idea was to showcase frames that defined each era, with a twist of the now as well.

"In this collection we bring you my three favourite frames to date, all crafted from 100% plant-based acetate. The Vera, Goldie and Felix represents bold colourways, flattering shapes and a nod to the 90's"

First up is the 70s, with its big hair, bright lights and big frames. Goldie reignites the golden age of style in a beautifully bold look remastered for today. 

"The Goldie, we went slightly further back in time to create this banger of a frame. A full coverage, nostalgic style complete with our signature gold detailing on each side. Dare to embrace this voluptuous sepia silhouette"

Next is the 80s, with it’s sharper scene that brought hardcore to the fore. Vera embodies a badass rock revival look, with a little modern refinement. 

"The Vera, the frame I have long dreamed of creating. Hues of smoky brown and black olive encased in a slick modern cat eye form, it flatters the face and is ultimate statement piece"

Finally, the 90s - when the street took over with its brash grit and thumping bass. Felix turns the dial on the flava clock in a look that brings the noise. 

"The Felix, I feel like this frame embodies my personal style and love for the 90's. It's an ode to the era of function over fashion, hip hop music and relatable sitcoms. The Felix reflects the attitude and energy of the 90's with a sleek rectangle shape, neutral grey lens and gold detail on each side"

Every one of these stellar frames is made using certified biodegradable EcoAcetate for the frames, and comes with OTIS’s signature mineral glass lenses. To go the extra mile, there’s also 100% recyclable packing, with zero plastic, and a custom recycled wrap to keep your eyewear (and the earth) pristine. 

To check out the full Imogen Caldwell x OTIS Collection, head here for more.