Celebrating Motherhood with Imogen Caldwell

Becoming a mum is one of the most wild things any human can do - creating a brand new life and teaching that little one how to be in the world. 

To celebrate all it is to be a mother, we caught up with our favourite muse, model and surfer Imogen Caldwell about her recent journey into parenthood with partner Courtney Brown.

How did she feel before it? What’s she most excited about these days? Any advice she has for mums and mums-to-be to keep yourself vibrant through life’s many challenges.  

Here’s what she had to say…


When you first found out you were pregnant, what were you most excited about?

Growing another life! A mini me and Cort.

What did your normal week look like before becoming a mum?

Honestly, It's hard to remember life before Rambo! But in saying that my day to day hasn't changed all that much.. I just have a lil human attached to my hip and an extra water bottle ha ha. 



What’s the best thing about mum life now?

I get more and more excited because Ram is only getting bigger and more curious of his surroundings. I can't wait to get him on a surfboard. He absolutely loves the water, I've been dunking him under since birth so now at 10 months he's like a little fish.

How do you look at the world differently now, if at all?

The most important thing in my life now is Rambo, and watching him experience the world for the very first time is such a crazy feeling. It makes me so happy to see him happy! 

Does being a mum hold you back from doing everything you want to do?

Definitely not, I think it would be easy to fall into a trap of thinking that way… letting it all get away from you and in the end not doing the things you want to do. I just make it work, because it makes me happy. 

Do you have any tips on making sure you're still doing stuff that inspires you?

Make the effort, even if it all seems like it's too much… take it one step at a time and you'll get there. Cort is incredibly hands on and supportive too. 



Any words to the mothers out there (including your own) that you want to remind them of?

You are AMAZING. 

A big happy mother’s day and thank you to all the mums and mother figures out there like Imogen who inspire us daily. If you’d like to follow what Imogen is up to, head to her epic Instagram.

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