Sunglasses are an essential item for most people. An amazing way to protect from UV, glare and look good in the process. But, if you don’t look after sunglasses they can scratch, warp, bend and break. To keep your eyewear looking newer for longer, here’s a quick ‘how to look after sunglasses’ rundown. Some simple tips that go a long way in making sure your favourite shades last.  

Don’t sit sunglasses on the top of your head.

The sun has gone behind the clouds, you’ve gone indoors, or you want to get a closer look at the banging photo your friend just took of you. There are a bunch of reasons to take your sunnies off during the day. The temptation is to simply lift them up and sit them on top of your head. However, over time this stretches out the frames, puts strain on arm pins, and generally bends things out of shape. You’ll find your glasses slipping off your face like they’re too big. Much better to hang them on your t-shirt collar in a pinch, or stash them safely in a case. 

Care for sunglasses by keeping them in a case

Most good sunglasses brands will either ship their eyewear in a pouch or case. Use it. A lot of people keep their case in a draw at home. Either put it in your car where it will get more use, or your favourite bag that you’re always taking out and about. Structured cases obviously offer the best protection, especially at the bottom of handbags with keys, phones and forgotten lip balm that’s older than time itself. 

Avoid putting sunglasses on car dashboards

Cars can get damn hot in the sunshine and the dashboard is a scorching dancefloor right in the glare. Plastic frames will warp at the first sign of temperature rises. Even premium acetate and Grilamid frames will bend over time if constantly subjected to heat exposure. Much better to have your glasses safely in a case in the centre console, or at the very worst that little cubby hole in front of the gear stick. 

Clean sunglasses with a soft cloth

We all do it. Cleaning our sunglasses with our t-shirts. Depending on how clean that material is and how soft or rough it is, you might be doing more damage than good - especially over time. If you can help it, keep a soft cloth in your sunglasses case for times when you need a little sparkle up. Again, most good eyewear brands will include a cloth when you get your new frames.

Pick premium sunglasses that don’t scratch easily

Life is tough. You can’t always be vigilant 100% of the time and eventually your eyewear will take a few knocks, brush up against some sand, or maybe even get sat on, nooooo. The best way to make sure your sunglasses last is to get ones made from quality materials. We only use mineral glass in our eyewear because it’s 12x more scratch resistant than regular plastic lenses. Acetate, Swiss Grilamid or durable metal frames are key as well. If you can afford it, it’s well worth the investment. 

So, in short

Look after your sunglasses by keeping them in a case and cleaning the lenses with a soft cloth (not your t-shirt). Avoid car dashboards because of heat warping, and don’t rest sunglasses on the top of your head because they’ll get bent out of shape. Finally, look for mineral glass lens options because they’re significantly more scratch resistant than any other lens material.

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