Getting LIT with Ry Craike

Ry Craike is the ultimate waterman. He spends pretty much all day, every day on the water, surfing, fishing, diving and working. His lifestyle makes Ry the ultimate test pilot for OTIS’s new LIT Lenses. Designed to boost nature’s brilliance, LIT are like polarised lenses on steroids. They cut glare and enhance contrast to let you see more of the world (and what’s beneath the ocean’s surface). We caught up with Ry recently to see how he’s liking these new frames, what he’s been up to, and the wildest thing he’s seen happen in the ocean in recent memory…

This is Getting LIT, with Ry Craike.



Ry, it’s been a while! What does a regular day look like for you these days? 

Most weekends I'm up in the Shark Bay area of West O raking cockles out on the sand flats. When I'm not up there I'm hanging out with my girl in the new boat looking for waves or fish or any adventure the ocean will throw at us.

What's your surfing/fishing split like? 50/50 or are you chasing one more than the other?

Yeah I'd say about 50//50. As winter rolls on hopefully I'm getting barrels a little more though!



What's the wildest thing you've seen happen in the ocean in the last few years?

I had about a 5m tiger shark come up to me when I was crab fishing in my little 3m dinghy. The shark was nearly twice the size of the boat we were in. The head on the thing was nearly just as wide. It hung around for a while and I got some cool footage, it was definitely a rush! 

Any surfing highlights that come to mind? 

There's a few stealth spots around that I know of. Once every blue moon they turn on. It's a psycho mission to get there but let's just say that when it's doing its thing, it's up there with the best in the world. I'll say no more. 


How do the LIT Lens sunnies compared to regular options that you've used? 

The lenses are insane and it's great that they never get scratched too. Living a life on the ocean having a great pair of sunnies is vital.

What do you like most about them? Anything they help you do that normal lenses can't? 

When I'm up at work in Shark Bay, we walk backwards on the sand banks for hours. There's all kinds of things on these banks that want to get you – sharks, rays, sea snakes and stonefish to name a few. Having a good pair of polarised sunnies is essential. The way the LIT Lenses enable me to see things through the water is the best I've ever had. It opens up a whole new world once I put the shades on.  

What's on the agenda for the rest of the year? Any adventures planned we should keep track of? 

My life revolves around the weather. I've got a brand new boat and plenty of new things I want to explore up and down the coast. If the weather permits, I'll be trying to tick a few new spots of the list.



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