We love stories about what it took to get amazing travel photos. How those single frames of a moment came to life. Because it’s not just about looking at an image that makes something stick with you. It’s about getting the sense of adventure behind it - the connection with people, the place, the feeling. Greg Long recently uncovered his Journey of a Frame with what went on behind one of the best big wave surfing days ever at Peahi, Hawaii. 

Now, we’ve gone behind the scenes on an entire trip. OTIS Ambassadors Will and Olya are a duo of content creators that make adventure their life. They rigged up a boat as their floating production studio and set sail up the West Coast of the USA, heading all the way past Canada deep into Alaska. Will and Olya also packed a bunch of OTIS Eyewear to test, abuse, give to locals they met along the way, and see how they stacked up to the rigours of the wild world. 

The results were so amazing, we’re launching a mini-series of some of the coolest stories to come out of the trip. There was surfing the Turnagain Arm tidal bore with grizzled Alaskan Pete Beachy. There was jet boating through some of the most remote waterways in the world. There was flying over the absolutely stunning Glacier's of Prince William Sound.

There were also a boat load of moments in between. Feast your eyes on some of the select frames we loved from Olya and Will’s ‘Adventure Locker’ below. 

Much, much more to come... 

Adventure Locker - In the Fade

Adventure Locker - 100 CLUB

Adventure Locker - OMAR

Adventure Lock - OMAR

Adventure Locker - Boat

Adventure Locker - OMAR REFLECT

Adventure Locker - Mountain

Adventure Locker - View from the plane

Adventure Locker - Dock walk in OMAR

Adventure Locker - Boat AFTER DARK REFLECT

Adventure Locker - Inflatable boat

Adventure Locker - Glacier view from plane

Adventure Locker - Plane flight

Adventure Locker - Icey river

Adventure Locker - Plane view

Adventure Locker - Sail boat

Adventure Locker - Sail boat in river