A Bright Christmas - Your Summer Sunglasses Gift Guide

Is there such a thing as a white Christmas in Australia? Maybe if you’re talking about the fluffy clouds in the sky. We’re all about a Bright Christmas - sun, surf, bbqs and beers. 

To get in the summery spirit of this time of year, we’ve put together a guide of 5 OTIS crowd pleasers that make great gifts for blazing days. 

Here’s your Bright Christmas Gift Guide.

Summer of 67

The hint’s in the name. This classic gives up warm retro vibes while looking as cool as Frosty at a blizzard bar. Epic for all-day beach sessions and long drives down the coast. 



One of last year’s best sellers for OTIS was Non-Fiction. This slimmed down cousin is set to be another one for the books. An Acetate/Metal combo frame for all-time style. 



This edgy femme adds a spark to any summer outfit. Breezy dresses, loose shirts, bikinis by the pool. Just don’t let your beau wear them, you might not get them back.


Test of Time X 

Vintage vibes in a bigger size. These plus-fit frames offer plenty of coverage for those with larger face profiles. The polar option cuts extra glare on ultra sunny days too.



Something classically bold that cuts glare to nothing. The Rambler is made from tough Swiss Grilamid that’s ultra lightweight. Epic for fishing, surf missions and bbq hit outs. 


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