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      Minimise Glare with OTIS Polarised Sunglasses

      Polarised sunglasses are perfect for reducing glare off reflective surfaces like water, snow and the road. See fish better when out on the boat. See banks more clearly on surf checks with your mates. Combat eye fatigue when driving in bright, sundrenched environments. 

      OTIS’s poliarised sunglasses go above and beyond with our high-quality, scratch resistant polarisation that last longer than most other polarised glasses.You’ll enjoy high-quality optics and superior eye protection, all without losing any clarity, depth or colour perception. 

      Take a look through our high-performance range and see the difference today.

      High-Quality Polarised Sunglasses for Men and Women

      With a tri-layered lens, we use exclusive Japanese polarisation filters in our renowned Mineral Glass Lens. The Japanese Anti-Glare Film is sandwiched between two extremely lightweight Mineral Glass wafers as part of our design, making it impossible to get surface scratches on the film. The lenses then work to eliminate glare while improving visual sharpness and contrast.

      All of our polarised sunglasses for men and women have also been thermally hardened for impact resistance. Combine that with the world’s most durable scratch-resistant lens and our industry-leading technology, and our polarised sunnies are world-leading in their quality. Every pair of OTIS polarised sunglasses are protected by a Lifetime Warranty against poor workmanship or defects.

      Browse our collection of men’s and women’s polarised sunglasses today. You can also use our handy frame selection guide to choose which frame will best suit you.

      Introducing L.I.T Polarised Sunglasses

      Designed for those who live their lives outdoors, our signature OTIS L.I.T. lenses are like ‘polarised sunnies on steroids’.

      Featuring our signature Light Improvement Technology, these make your vision much more vivid through heightened contrast and colour enhancement, while improving depth perception. L.I.T. boasts a number of benefits, such as:

      • Anti-glare Protection: Our women’s and men’s polarised glasses cut through 100% of all harmful UVA and UVB light to significantly reduce glare. They also protect your eyes from high-energy light, meaning you’ll have a much clearer view.
      • Anti-reflective: L.I.T uses multi-layer anti-reflective technology to reduce light reflection by up to 99.9%.
      • Colour Enhancement: By increasing primary colours and reducing inter-primary colours, you’ll enjoy crisper, sharper images with greater detail and depth.
      • Hydrophobic Technology: These lenses have been coated with a unique hydrophobic treatment to repel water, which makes them ideal for watersports.
      • UV Protection: Your eyes will be protected from harmful UV rays, resulting in less chance of eye fatigue.

      For the best polarized sunnies money can buy, check out our L.I.T range of men’s and women’s polarised glasses today.

      Have further questions? For all Australian customers, call (08) 9756 7311 or email cs_otis@leisurecollective.com.au. For all other countries, contact us here.