Color Me In: Mitch Crews

May 08, 2014

Our friends at WHAT YOUTH put out another stellar Mitch Crews performance in a What Youth original series sponsored by Futures.

Nothing like Mitch Crews jacked up on coffee, waking up the neighborhood coffee-dialing everyone and then deciding who better to bother next than his shaper, Lee Stacey. In this episode of Color Me In, we tag along with these two as they prepare boards for Mitch’s shark dodging adventures on the world tour. (Mitch is still nervous that sharks have him in their sights). Nothing better than a highly caffeinated team rider in your shop at 7 a.m,. eh Lee?

Luckily, the next stop is a really fun rip-bowl right hander and Mitch shows what his surfing looks like outside a jersey (It’s thoroughly enjoyable). And Lee hacks into a couple wedges himself. Our continued crusade for getting shapers out of their bays and into the water continues.



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